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Beauty Tips

Instructing Men’s Fashion

Indeed, during the interviews respondents wore informal clothing which “uniformly confused comfort and practicality” (Clemente 2014, p. 1) more typically than sportswear. These findings are consistent with those of Frith and Gleeson , who explored the ways by which younger men’s subjective emotions about their bodies affected their clothes choices. They argued that sensible clothing selection (i.e., comfy clothes) was valued more greatly than the aesthetic elements of clothes. If such fears of folly and unfavorable attention are present in male customers, certain commonalities amongst them may be recognized. Eisler and Skidmore proposed that men’s gender-role expectations contributed to fears about lack of athleticism, emotional intimacy, intimacy with other men , and failure. A temporary evaluation of the literature on the social psychology of clothing reveals that younger ladies are extra regularly analysis participants than men (Kwon 1997; Kaiser 1997; Crane 2000).

  • With uncommon exceptions (e.g., Frith and Gleeson 2004;