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Smart Vehicles & Connected Automobile

If you aren’t presently a Dow buyer and would like to purchase a robe from us, please full the registration kind. By confirming your account, you certify that you’re licensed by your organization to do enterprise with us. Drive loyalty and progress with digital Services in a linked and shared mobile world. It unleashes the business worth of entrepreneurial innovation by way of collaboration amongst Atos technologists and 20 start-ups in all industries.

Energy & Environment We advance the industry’s environmental targets by working with policymakers to create good regulations, spur innovation, and account for the wants of customers. Safety We work with regulators and policymakers to make sure an setting that makes car security priority one and protects the privacy of information generated from the car. Experience our innovative products that enhances your driving expertise. Our sensor portfolio includes stress, motion and magnetic sensors optimized for the stringent requirements …